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A little about us

Our Vision

There is no stronger connection between people than great storytelling – it is the most powerful way to put ideas into the world. We are all story tellers, and we now live in a world where stories are at our fingertips.

We build your brand from your story.


In the Beginning...

Lee & Daniel embark on a collaborative YouTube journey to create moments of joy for the whole world to see. From this idea the dynamic duo created an alter ego called “Windup Teeth”. The toll on their first video was great, the duo had to take a small break of 3 years to recover…

The Plot

3 years to recover from the aftermath of a creative explosion…We find the Dynamic Duo back together their craft mastered & their skills sharpened. A new age has dawned. The age of the “WUTcast”.Our heroes battle through a multitude of topics to talk about with their own sometimes questionable insights only to reach a proverbial fork in the road. Alas, our heroes had to part ways to take on separate journeys of wonder and self discovery alone…only hoping that their paths would cross again one day.

New family ties

A Journeyman by the name of Allan from the isles of Capuno had heard great tales of two individuals with the skills required to assist him bring balance (and a little bit of fun & individuality) to the Digital World. He searched & searched and finally found the ones he was looking for! Lee and Daniel of the Realm of WindupTeeth, the masters of the WUTcast and the writer’s of fun stuff. Together the three would form an alliance and set on a new adventure to connect the world with their own story’s. They would need a name…

Building a legacy

From the darkness DRKZEN Creative emerges. The newly formed trio are on an adventure of #ForeverLearning & #ForeverCreating writing stories for those that want their story’s to be told but don’t know how, providing assistance wherever it is required & bringing them along on the ride. Will you be a part of our story?

“Our service offerings are how we put together your story and make it a real page turner.”

We are a sucker for good stories. The World needs more of them. We can help.